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At Safeguard Exteriors we strive to supply our customers with superior roofing services and products to protect their homes.  When it comes to product quality it is hard to outmatch a product like Owens Corning roofing products.  More importantly, we truly believed in these products.  So much so, that when SafeGuard Exteriors was founded our roofing division chose to exclusively offer these roofing products.   As a result, we offer the same high quality products with our roofing services that we trust to protect our own homes.

It takes more than just shingles to protect your home.  Certainly, with a Total Protection Roofing System you will feel at ease that your new roof is always performing at it’s best!

Servicing the Richmond Metro area and surrounding counties. Midlothian, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield, and more!

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Roofing Repairs

You do not always need a new roof. Sometimes your roof may be in good condition, but just requiring some TLC.  We offer a Roof Tune-up package that covers the minor popular roofing issues. Covering these issues early helps prevent roofing issues later.  Included In the package, the following areas will be repaired and resealed.

  • Nail pops
  • Skylight flashing
  • Ridges
  • Loose shingles
  • Step Flashing
  • Satellite
  • Pipe Collars
  • Wall flashing
  • Roof Vents
  • Valleys

Reinforcing these roofing areas can extend the expected life span of your home’s roof. All work will include a 2 year warranty on roof repair services. All work will be done professionally to code.

Do I need a new roof?

The short answer is every house will have a different answer. Have had your roof replaced within the past 10 years? If yes, your roof should still be in good physical condition. Barring any signs of storm damage or spotting a leak during that time. Your roof may still be in peak physical condition. However, there maybe some accessories on your roof that could require some attention. Areas like your pipe collars or various areas that have flashing installed. (Skylights, Walls, & Chimneys).

You do not always need a new roof. Your roof could simply need a few key area roof repairs. Or, as we like to call it a “Roof Tune-up”. Our roof tune-up service resolves a number of the basic popular roofing issues. Examples like, re-securing loose shingles, resealing pipe collars, and more.

Contact Us today and schedule your Free Roof Inspection. We will inspect the health of roof complete with photos. Confirming that your roof is in good shape. If in fact we find any issues or damages we will have detailed photos to share with you. Upon which we may recommend you for either a Roof Tune-up or a possible full roof replacement. Our home improvement advisors can even assist in contacting your homeowners insurance to begin a claim.

Before Full Roof Replacement

Superior Roofing Materials Checklist:

SureNail Roofing Shingle

SureNail Technology

There is a line between a good shingle, and a great shingle!  In short, that line is a unique piece of fabric strip in the nailing area.  It’s name, the SureNail Strip.  Incorporating the SureNail strip into every Duration roofing shingles adds strength and durability.  An unmatched resilience of roofing shingle that can handle up to 120mph winds.  In conclusion, you can reassure your new roof will withstand all the harshness of the weather.

  • Breakthrough Design.
  • Triple Layer Protection
  • Outstanding Grip.
  • Exceptional Wind Resistance.

TruDefinition Color Platform

TruDefinition is a color design platform for roofing shingles.  They are specially formulated to capture bright, vibrant hues, and dramatic shades.  Roofing shingles feature multiple-granule colors and shadowing.  Thus, providing an extraordinary enhanced look to your home.  While complementing its natural surroundings.  As a result, the color platform will also maximize your curb appeal.  Simply by accenting the roof with your siding.  Explore all the colors of vinyl siding we have offer!

StreakGuard Roofing Shingle

StreakGuard Algae Resistance Protection

Don’t let algae growth ruin the curb appeal of your roof. Our roofing shingles are blended with copper-lined granules into it’s coloring.  This process raises the shingle’s resistance to algae growth.  Scientifically developed to meet the needs of specific regional climates.

Protection formulated to inhibit the growth of blue-green algae.  Your shield from those ugly black streaks.

2020 Women's Choice Award Winner

Women Love Owens Corning

Owens Corning ® was honored to have earned the 2020 Women’s Choice Award ® as America’s Most Recommended Roofing Products. This award is given by women for women.  It is based on a national survey that measures brand preference by female consumers.

2020 Womens Choice Winner - Most Recommended Roofing Product

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2021 Shingle of the Year

2020 Roofing Shingle of the year - Pacific Wave