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Raindrop Gutter Guards

Installing Gutter Guards

Clog free is the way to be!  Especially when it comes to your home’s gutters.  RainDrop Guards are made from polypropylene for it strength, durability, and resilience.  It won’t crush, dent, warp, and where other material may break, the polypropylene has the flexibility to bend and bounce back.  Everything you need to SafeGuard your gutters to withstand what ever nature throws it’s way.

Do you need to replace your existing gutters?  No.  RainDrop Gutter Guards are designed to protect your existing gutters.  How does the term maintenance free gutters sound?

Product Made in USA

RainDrop Gutter Guards in action

Gutter Guard Performance

RainDrop Gutter guards can handle all types of water, from the lightest drizzles to heaviest downpours.  Water flows through the patented arched rib and grid configuration, while larger debris will be unable to enter the gutters completely.  Resulting in debris either fall off the roof completely or to be swept away by the wind.

Anything able to get past the guards will not be of size to impede or otherwise clog a properly installed gutter system.

Why clog-free gutters are important?

Leaks in your home are not all caused by an issue with your roof.  Some leaks can be caused by improper water flow in your gutters.  Your gutters can only hold so much water.  If fallen leaves or other debris collect inside of them.  Causing water to overflow rather than properly flow down the system.  Conclusion, clogged gutters causes improper water flow.  Resulting in misdirected water, and possible leaks inside your home.

Raindrop Gutter Guards Ice melting

Limiting Ice Problems

The dark color of the guards helps soak in the heat from sun rays during the cold months.  This feature allows the guards to naturally melting ice and snow allowing water to keep flowing into the gutters.


Product Specs
Material UV Stablized Polypropylene
Individual Guard Size 7.5" x 36"
Impact ASTM D256
Melt ASTM D1238
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